What kind of person?

What kind of person?

SANYU REC is waiting for you, who can co-create innovation on the global stage.

Looking ahead to 2030, we have high hopes for Sanyure-kun. We believe that you will be a person who is comfortable with international environments due to the English and international education you will have received. Thus, we are excited about the possibility of fostering international exchanges using our global bases and growing together. We recognize that both a "broad and shallow" and a "narrow and deep" approach in specialized fields can ignite innovation. Whichever approach you take, we hope you will maintain a perspective of social contribution and aim for tangible results. We expect Sanyure-kun to maintain intellectual curiosity and prioritize communication with others. Self-directed learning and growth are hallmarks of SANYU REC's culture, and Sanyure-kun will undoubtedly enrich this culture further.

Characteristics of Sanyure-kun



Blood type

Type O


"Let's just try it for now."

Favorite color

A slightly dark shade of blue

  • Travel:Enjoys visiting various places around the world and experiencing different cultures and natural settings.
  • Music:Likes listening to a diverse range of music genres, including Western music.
  • Gourmet:Enjoys trying cuisines from around the world and is interested in new flavors and food cultures.
  • Technology:Highly interested in the latest technologies and gadgets.