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About Overseas Training

About Overseas Training

I want to connect with people and cultures to grow closer.

Natsumi Hagari

Technical Department
Natsumi Hagari
Overseas Training Destination: SANYU JUSHI SDN.BHD

Q: This will be your first time going on overseas training as a SANYU REC employee, correct?

Yes. I will be training at our factory in Malaysia for three months, gaining hands-on experience with local production facilities, the quality assurance department, and the technical department, and learning about the differences from our factories in Japan. I'm looking forward to discussing with the technical department to understand the themes and developments they are working on.

Q: What is the significance of going to the Malaysia factory as a trainee from SANYU REC's perspective?

Traditionally, Japanese staff have traveled to or been stationed at factories as trainers, or we have hosted employees from overseas factories in Japan, mainly aimed at improving the technical skills of local employees. However, this overseas training is designed for Japanese staff to gain new experiences and broaden their perspectives.

Q: Even within the same company, doing the same job, the cultural aspects of life are quite different, aren't they?

Exactly. In regular online meetings, we only get to talk about work-related topics, but with three months available, I hope to have in-depth conversations about non-work-related topics and really get a feel for the local atmosphere.

Q: Indeed, it's hard to deepen relationships through work communications alone. It's essential to have personal interactions to broaden one's world. Is this your first time in Malaysia?

I stayed for a month during a short study abroad in university and have visited several times privately. However, it will be my first time in Seremban, where the Malaysia factory is located.

Q: Any anxieties or resistance toward the different culture?

Not really. I've been a fan of Western music since middle school and high school. I was a big fan of Justin Bieber, and I started studying English hard because I wanted to understand what he was posting on social media. I also interacted with international students in university, so I had already overcome any barriers to going abroad by that point.

Q: The absorption capacity of teenagers and people in their twenties is impressive. It’s clear you’ve broadened your world through your interest in culture.

International exchange is truly enjoyable. Many people in Malaysia do not drink alcohol for religious reasons, but I find it very attractive how lively people can be without it. There’s much to learn from such friendly communication.

Q: Getting along well can make work much smoother once you return home, can’t it?

Yes, I genuinely want to build a good relationship with the employees in Malaysia.

Q: Finally, is there anything you expect from Sanyure-kun, who will join in 2030?

I believe Sanyure-kun will have received English and international education from an earlier age than us and will have less resistance and anxiety about overseas environments. We have bases not only in Malaysia but also in China, Korea, Thailand, and India, so I look forward to advancing our interactions with global employees and customers even further once we welcome Sanyure-kun to our team.