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About Certification
About Certification

My understanding of other departments has deepened, and my job has become more interesting.

Yudai Kitagawa

Purchasing Department
Yudai Kitagawa

Handler of Hazardous Materials Types 4, 5, 6, and 2
Responsible Handler of Poisons and Deleterious Substances
Bookkeeping Level 3
QC Inspection Level 3

Q: How have the qualifications above been useful in your purchasing role?

We procure over 1,000 types of materials, most of which are hazardous. They range from flammable materials to those that can ignite under certain conditions, so these qualifications help me gain the necessary knowledge to store and manage these materials safely. Additionally, as the Purchasing Department often collaborates with the Finance Department, learning bookkeeping has helped me understand the points that are important to them. For example, understanding how invoice processing deadlines and raw material costs impact productivity and profit has helped me appreciate the daily efforts and innovations of the Finance Department as if they were my own.

Q: What is the "QC Inspection" certification?

It's a qualification to deepen knowledge in quality control. In the Purchasing Department, we search globally for the optimal raw materials for each product. Having knowledge of quality control helps us create better products and is also useful in procurement negotiations.

Q: Are these qualifications mandatory for your work?

No, they are not mandatory, except for the Type 4 Handler of Hazardous Materials. The others were more out of personal interest—I wanted to understand more about the materials I handle. Although I deal with them daily, studying them anew has led to fresh insights and made learning enjoyable.

Q: Are there any other qualifications you'd like to obtain?

As we are importing more from overseas, I am interested in trade-related qualifications. Also, given the sudden discontinuation of certain raw materials and the difficulty in securing a stable supply, I feel the need to quickly catch relevant information.

Q: It seems your learning opportunities are continuously expanding from practical work.

At SANYU REC, it seems many people study out of personal interest rather than being instructed by the company. It's easy to convey what you want to try, so I plan to continue applying for any qualifications I find interesting, not just those directly related to my current work.

Q: Does the company cover the cost of exams?

Not only the examination fees, but they also cover 100% of the costs for materials and participation in study groups.

Q: That must be very helpful!

Yes, I plan to continue mastering my role in the Purchasing Department by making the most of this certification system.