Our SDGs

Our SDGs

About Our SDGs
President and CEO of SANYU REC CO., LTD. Koichiro Nagai

Since obtaining ISO14001 in the year 2000, we have been promoting environmentally conscious manufacturing by setting goals such as reducing electricity consumption and waste, and increasing the sales volume of environmentally friendly products. Additionally, in 2013, we installed solar panels on the roof of our office building and have since expanded this installation. We now generate about 160,000 kWh of electricity in-house, equivalent to circling the Earth approximately 30 times in an electric vehicle. Since 2022, for the electricity we cannot generate ourselves, we have been purchasing CO2-free electricity derived from renewable energy sources in line with RE100. Moreover, based on the ideas of our employees centered around the SDGs Committee, this website was launched to systematize our various SDGs projects. It was initiated with the intention of deepening collaboration by sharing our efforts with the local community as we continue to strive toward achieving the SDGs together with our customers. I am committed to making our company one that employees, driven by a bottom-up movement for societal change not limited to the SDGs, are proud to be part of. The number of our customers intensifying efforts towards carbon neutrality is increasing each year. Mr. Sanyure, who will join us in 2030, is a precious human resource who has thoroughly studied SDGs at school. I hope he can immediately be an active contributor.

Personal growth is what will change the future of our corporation and society.

In this era, companies that continue to put off environmentally considerate actions to focus solely on competitive pricing will eventually be phased out. At SANYU REC, we are advancing collaborations with academia, industry, government, and the public to contribute to reducing the 'SCOPE 3' emissions—emissions from our supply chain and the use and exhaust of our products—which are the most difficult for our customers to control. We are currently focusing on six SDGs goals in particular: "End poverty," "Good health and well-being," "Clean water and sanitation," "Industry, innovation, and infrastructure," "Responsible consumption and production," and "Climate action." It is highly effective to align with international initiatives and work towards concrete target figures in order to pass on these efforts across generations. Most importantly, individual growth is key. When many individuals grow, the corporation naturally grows as well. We fully support each employee’s autonomous learning, including financially, because we are convinced that innovation stems from such learning. Individual learning creates synergy and chemical reactions, sprouting new ideas which we expect will lead to significant innovations in the medium to long term. For this reason, it is crucial to nurture the learning environment and continue to sow the seeds of innovation.

Challenges towards achieving the SDGs as a springboard for new strengths.

Chemistry is a discipline that illuminates our path to continue manufacturing while considering the environment. We continue to learn about the cyclic nature of materials in the natural world and explore human manufacturing that harmonizes with nature. For instance, we are adopting natural raw materials and developing materials that, despite lower usage, maintain equivalent functionality, and designing products that reduce heating times during use. These challenges towards achieving the SDGs are becoming a distinguishing feature in our business. Prioritizing environmental contributions over cost, we intend to continue developing and improving our products to meet the expectations of customers who choose products based on their environmental impact.